Thematic Research

Disrupt, or be disrupted

Companies that invest in the right themes become success stories. Those that miss the big themes impacting their industry often end up as failures.
We define a theme as any issue that keeps CEOs awake at night. We track all themes across all companies in all sectors, so you don’t have to.

See the big picture

Delve into the key themes disrupting your industry landscape

Understand your clients

Equip your sales team to sell across all industries

Secure a competitive edge

Discover which disruptive themes your competitors are investing in

Tech enable your business

Explore which themes will supercharge your company

Invest in the right companies

Identify M&A targets and strategic partnerships to drive success

  • Gaming
  • Software as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • E-commerce
  • Generation Hashtag
  • China
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Wearable Tech
  • Industrial Internet
  • Internet TV
  • Internet advertising
  • Social media
  • M&A
  • Automated home
  • Ambient commerce
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big data
  • Net neutrality
  • Tax avoidance
  • MedTech
  • Machine learning
  • Virtual reality
  • Data privacy
  • Mobile payments
  • Crowd funding
  • Online banking
  • Crypto-currencies
  • Blockchain
  • Voice
  • Virtual assistants
  • Robotics
  • Genomics
  • Batteries
  • Anti-competition laws
  • 3D printing

Our Solutions

Research Reports

Concise at the top; detailed at the bottom

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Sector Scorecard Reports

  • Identify winners and losers per sector when all themes are taken into account
  • Analyze company performance across key themes, risk, and valuation

Multi Theme Reports

  • Covering all stocks, sectors and themes
  • Improve decision making with a clear picture of how everything fits together

Single Theme Reports

  • In-depth research into a specific theme
  • Identify winners and losers in a single theme based on technology leadership, market position and other factors

Thematic Engine

Scorecard to pick winners and losers in every sector

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  • 600 TMT stocks are tracked against 50 themes, generating 30,000 thematic scores
  • Themes are weighted differently for each sector
  • Algorithms calculate overall thematic leadership
  • Cloud-based software timely and hassle-free access to 18 live sector scorecards within TMT
  • Powerful extension of the GlobalData Intelligence Center

Who We Help

GlobalData gives executives the power to maximize their sales force in the last mile.


We help senior corporate executives increase the value of their corporations.

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Supporting Senior Corporate Executives in their roles:

Drive value

We have developed an algorithm-based “thematic engine” that identifies, assesses and nets off all major themes driving a company to help CEOs identify which themes to invest in (and which to avoid), which companies to acquire and how well they are positioned thematically in relation to their competitors.

Chief Executive Officers

  • Inform long-term vision
  • Increase share price by identifying what the market rewards

Chief Strategy Officers

  • Understand the trends shaping your industry
  • Identify disruptive threats and opportunities
  • Identify M&A targets

Chief Technology Officers

  • Understand the global tech landscape
  • Develop tech roadmap & capability requirements
  • Identify leading tech vendors

Investor Relations & Press Relations

  • Benchmark against competition
  • Highlight competitive strengths to investors

Sales & Business Development

  • Understand clients’ strengths & weaknesses
  • Match products to clients’ needs
  • Benchmark company strengths against competitors

Chief Marketing Officers

  • Evaluate competitor strengths & weaknesses
  • Safeguard the business’ competitive advantage


We help investors outperform the market by selecting the stocks that will deliver profitable returns.

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Supporting Investors in their role:

Themes, not stocks

Whereas most investment banking equity research analysts identify winners and losers in the stock market by studying stocks in detail, we do the same thing by studying themes in detail.

We have developed an algorithm-based “thematic engine” that identifies, assesses and nets off all major themes driving a stock in order to identify the most profitable investment opportunities in the global TMT space.

Chief Investment Officers & Asset Managers

  • Make technology investing easy to understand
  • Help with asset allocation
  • Identify the most profitable investment opportunities


We help consultants to better advise C-suite executives on existential threats in order to mitigate risk and deliver stronger financial returns.

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Supporting Consultants in their role:

Themes drive success or failure

We help consultants come up with a turnaround strategy for declining companies by helping them understand how themes impact the future success – or failure – of their clients’ businesses.

Consultancy Firms

Our thematic screens help consultants identify strategic options to management by highlighting three things:

  • Which themes they should invest in, and why
  • What the competition is doing in these themes
  • Which companies they could acquire to gain exposure to these themes
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