Top five terms tweeted in power in December 2019, revealed by GlobalData

Ranging from solar to wind, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists the top five terms tweeted in power in December 2019, based on data from the company’s Influencer Platform.

1. Solar – 771 mentions

Solar Twitter mentions lead with new solar technologies. The implementation of various solar projects across the world were popular topics of discussions during the month. China, India, Japan, and Germany are developing and investing in solar projects. China installs solar panels equivalent to the size of a football pitch every hour of every day, according to a tweet by Mike Hudema, a climate change campaigner.

On 13 December 2019, @MikeHudema tweeted: “China installs enough #solar to cover a football pitch once an hour every single day. Let’s catch up. We have solutions to the #climatecrisis. Let’s implement them. #ActOnClimate #climate #energy #cdnpoli #go100re #GreenNewDeal,” which collected 364 likes and 219 retweets.

A new $2.75bn project will transform Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture into a hub for wind and solar energy, according to an article shared by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor at Stanford University.

2. Renewables – 407 mentions

The need to invest in renewable energy to tackle climate change were some of the most popular discussions on Twitter. Leading multinational companies and countries across the world are already implementing plans to go 100% renewable. In 2014, just 13 companies turned 100% renewable. This increased to 217 in 2019, according to a tweet by Assaad Razzouk, CEO at Sindicatum Sustainable Resources.

On 9 December 2019, @AssaadRazzouk tweeted: “Showing the world how to do it, New Zealand:-Will judge new policies on how they affect emissions -Banned new offshore oil & gas -Committed to: Net-zero emissions by 2050; 100% renewables by 2035; 1 billion new trees by 2028; Investing $14.5 billion into clean mobility#COP25,” which attracted 124 likes and 77 retweets.

Denmark is utilising the power of the ocean as a renewable source of electricity, according to a tweet shared by MikeHudema, a climate change campaigner.

3. Coal – 361 mentions

The need to completely phase out coal usage was a trending discussion on Twitter. Several financial institutions are recognising the need to phase out coal to reduce carbon emissions. Goldman Sachs became the first international bank to rule out financing for oil and gas drilling as well as new thermal coal mines and coal-fired power projects, according to a tweet by Bill McKibben, an environmentalist.

On 16 December 2019, @billmckibben tweeted: “Wow! Wow! Goldman Sachs becomes first big American bank to rule out financing Arctic drilling, and also coal. That leaves a lot to do, but it’s a big start–such thanks to all who have fought to make it happen! …,” which gained 6,155 likes and 2,297 retweets.

The demand for coal will reach high levels by 2024, according to an article shared by Simon Evans, a deputy editor of Carbon Brief.

4. Gas – 150 mentions

The replacement of coal by gas as the biggest contributor to carbon emissions and methane being one of these gases was a popular discussion during the month. Carbon emissions from coal decreased by 0.9% in 2019 but this decline was offset by a surge in emissions from oil and gas according to an article tweeted by Mark Z. Jacobson.

On 9 December 2019, @mzjacobson tweeted: “Natural gas now emits more CO2 in U.S. than coal … Yet, some misinformed people still think gas is a “bridge fuel” when it causes more global warming per unit energy than coal …@EENewsUpdates @howarth_cornell @joshfoxfilm,” which saw 171 likes and 172 retweets.

Power of Siberia pipeline initiated supply of gas to China, according to an article shared by Ed Crooks, vice-chairman, Americas at Wood Mackenzie.

5. Wind – 143 mentions

The advantages offered by wind energy and its increasing share in the renewable energy mix were popular topics discussed during the month. Wind energy contributes to 6% of the world’s electricity demand with floating wind farms accounting for two-thirds of global capacity, according to an article tweeted by Mark Z. Jacobson. In the UK, wind energy generated 44% of electricity in a day creating a new record.

On 9 December 2019, @mzjacobson tweeted: “#Wind energy serves 6% of the world’s electricity demand #Renewable energy today employs twice as many people as the oil and gas industry.…,” which acquired 84 likes and 54 retweets.

Nucor Corporation’s micromill in Sedalia, Missouri, is set to become the first US steel plant to be powered by wind energy, according to an article shared by Tom Weirich, global marketing director at Rubicon Capital Advisors.

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