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GAIL (India) Ltd: Premium Databases

GAIL (India) Petrochemical Plants

Access comprehensive information on global active, upcoming , decommissioned, and cancelled petrochemical complexes/plants.

A sample of GAIL (India) Petrochemical Plants data

Plants Operator Country Status Products Capacity (mtpa)
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GAIL (India) Pata Complex GAIL (India) Ltd India Active Polyethylene 0.81
ONGC Petro additions Dahej Complex ONGC Petro additions Ltd India Active Ethylene 0.54
ONGC Petro additions Dahej Complex ONGC Petro additions Ltd India Active Polyethylene 0.52
Petrochemical Plants


Petrochemical Plants database provides comprehensive information on petrochemical complexes/plants.


Over 20 different parameters to query data including geography, product, operational status, start year, operator and equity owners, capacities, development stage, new build and expansion capital expenditure. Historic and future estimates for capital expenditure and capacity provided at the project level, as well as by company


Access the latest petrochemical capacity insights, and allows users to identify prospective investment targets on new petrochemical plants as well as capacity expansions of existing plants.

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