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Sangamo Therapeutics Inc: Filing Analytics

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Management Vs. Analyst Transcript Sentiment – Last 5 years

Keyword Mentions – Trailing 12 months


  • Company Filing Analytics provides analysis of the financial statements, investor call transcripts, ESG Reports, IPO prospectus as well as investor presentations.
  • Deep dive into factors driving sentiment at a company/document level.
  • Track divergence in sentiment between company management and analysts tracking the company.


  • Gain a definitive edge by identifying underlying trends and company sentiment.
  • Go beyond the stated facts and figures through alternative signals.
  • Identify priorities and critical factors impacting company performance such as products, brands, geographies, companies and themes.
  • Benchmark companies against each other on factors such as business drivers, risk, stock price movements and key mentions.


  • Access intelligence that keeps you ahead of the industry curve.
  • Eliminate time from competitor and customer tracking process.
  • Gather insights on Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).
  • Arrive at Concentration of Risk (CoR) matrix for companies.
  • Identify Single Point of Failures (SPoF) and the company’s preparedness to deal with the risk exposure.
Explore filing mentions and sentiment associated with Sangamo Therapeutics Inc. Explore filing mentions and sentiment associated with Sangamo Therapeutics Inc. Find out more
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