Xencor Inc Investigators

Review investigator profiles and find information on trial contacts across Xencor Inc, including performance indicators like number of completed trials, and linked attributes such as rehiring statistics.

A sample of Xencor Inc Investigators data

Investigator(s) Specialty Designation Associated Organization Country Clinical Trials
Completed Ongoing Planned Suspended/ Terminated/ Withdrawn Total
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Steve Kye Hematology;Clinical Investigation Executive Medical Director Xencor Inc United States - 1 - - 1


GlobalData’s Investigators Database offers comprehensive repository of specialty-based investigators with relevant experience and expertise to conduct or have the potential to involve/ associate/ conduct clinical trials across geographies for wide range of therapy areas or indications.


  • Provides insight into investigator’s trial-centric skill sets (#clinical trials, therapy areas/ indications, roles etc.) and professional attributes like rehiring frequency by the same sponsor, IND filings, publications, regulatory inspections etc.
  • Assists in knowing the investigator’s connectivity, reach and acquaintances with other healthcare providers through network (Co-investigated trials, Co-Affiliated organizations, Co-Authored publications)
  • Helps to understand ‘investigator-sites connections’ for aligning an effective and efficient engagement of clinical trials investigations and research projects at the desired site/location


  • Help sponsors, collaborators, CROs, investors etc. to identify, choose and engage study-specific experienced investigators for clinical trial investigations or research projects
  • Could optimize successful completion of clinical trials using trial-proficient clinical investigators

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