Customer insights for a well known home furnishings retailer

A well known home furnishings retailer wanted to know what they should do to sell more fitted kitchens to their shoppers.

Our Solution

  • We surveyed their existing shoppers, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to understand kitchen purchasing dynamics.
  • We undertook accompanied shops with kitchen buyers to understand the purchase journey and identify problems and issues encountered.
  • We spoke to a representative sample of recent kitchen purchasers to understand which retailers they considered, bought from, and why.
  • We created a segmentation of propensity to purchase with our client, potential spend value, and motivations for purchasing.
  • We provided recommendations on which customers should be targeted and how to target them via advertising, social media and in-store services.
  • We helped redesign the in-store experience for our client and worked with their media agency on a marketing campaign.


Our client increased market share by 3.8 percentage points in the two years after the research.

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